Crystal (weasleysangel) wrote in mcshep_fairytal,

Its open for busness!!!

The Stargate Atlantis: Fairytale Community is now open for buisness sga_fairytales.

This community was created as a direct result of the Mcshep Fairytale challenge on mcshep_fairytal.

After reading all of the wonderful fics posted for this challenge I knew I wanted to preserve them. So I created this community.

This Community will be open to all. All pairings all Genras All Rateings only one rule it must be a fairytale it can be a spin off of a already written fairytale or it can be one you come up on your own just as long as it is with the Stargate Atlantis Crew.

If you have posted a fic for this challenge over on mcshep_fairytal I would love it if, after the challenge is over, you would share your fics/graphics here.

Have a SGA Fairytale fic/graphic you want to share post it here Don't make me beg! ;)
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